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Alvoxcon Audio


It is the most compact and functional wireless mic system for recording on your camera cellphone or portable speaker system. It is the perfect system for on the go mic setups where you may not want to lug around the big equipment. Have not seen dropouts within 50ft. and it runs pretty quiet with no excessive hiss or interference. The kit includes 2 types of mics a headset one as well as a clip on lavalier both with screw on connectors to prevent accidental unplugging. The frequency is in the 900Mhz range but it is not adjustable so if you have any interference or overlapping frequencies in your area there's not much you can do about it. Also included is a hotshoe mount for your camera if you want it mounted to your rig.


This wireless lapel mic is a breakthrough for recording sound bites and interviews with a cell phone. I produce mobile videos with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and have been on the alert for a wireless lapel mic to record subjects speaking on camera. The wired microphone I have been using sounds fine but it limits the distance between me and the speaker and it is a challenge hiding the wire. Finally, this Alvoxcon wireless lapel mic came out and it works perfectly with my Samsung phone. The mic quality is excellent. It is easy to clip on the lapel mic (with wind screen), hide the wire and clip the small transmitter to the back of the speaker’s belt or dress. And it pairs perfectly with the small receiver that fits into my phone rig’s hot shoe mount. It also includes a wireless head set, which I haven’t tried yet. 


I bought this mic set to use for recording my talk sessions for my planned YouTube channel on Personality Development. I liked the brilliant recording and output quality of both the mics.. mouth-piece as well as collar-piece. I tested both of them by walking away from my DSLR Camera for more than 120 ft. with the collar-piece on, and returned towards the camera with the mouth-piece on. I also verified the output at various volume levels, from a low of 5 to a high of 20.. what attracted me was that my whispering was also recorded very well. I am happy to appreciate the product and looking forward to uploading quality videos with the help of this product.

Harish Kaashyap