How to Choose Wireless Microphone for Your DSLR Camera

Your budget: There are lots of wireless microphones for your DSLR camera with a big price range. How much cash do you have saved up? How much money do you want to pay for your gadgets?

Which type of microphone do you need?

Shotgun: These are by far the most popular types of microphones for cameras. They’re effective for pretty much any application and that’s why they’re so popular.  You can use them on top of your camera or with a boom pole.

Lavalier: Called as “lav mics” for shorts, these are cool for product video reviews, interviews, instructors, vlogging or broadcasting. It’s the mic you can clip onto clothing near the speaker’s mouth. They are better for environments that are controlled with little to no ambient noise (won’t be ideal if you’re planning on being outside, so be careful). Since they’re so close to the source, you don’t get as much room sound. They’re also discrete and are rarely noticed (all talk shows use lav mics). There are wired or wireless systems available, although the systems without wiring are more expensive (but if you need less hassle, well worth the money and investment).

Handheld: Some people prefer a real microphone in their hand depending on their application. Handheld mics are popular with journalists since they’re rugged and don’t need to be powered up. The frequency ranges aren’t necessarily as wide, but this can be a plus since many of us doing interviews or other broadcast work don’t necessarily need extra-sensitivity but merely what’s in front of us with no background noise. You’ll have to buy a few more accessories if this is the route you’ll want, which we expand upon further into this article.

Headsets: These are the most preferred, at least in our opinion, for videographers going to trade shows or other environments that will be noisy with a lot of ambient sound. Headsets are great for interviewing people in loud conditions, as it’ll isolate their voice and block out the rest. Otherwise, headsets aren’t recommended.

Additional accessories you want. Do you need a wind screen? Pop filter? Even a stand or tripod? Some come with a few decent accessories in the box, while others just the mic itself.

The Alvoxcon TG2 series offer Max use of wireless microphone. The rechargeable mini bodyapck transmitter with headset & Lavalier microphone meets your requirement of both mics. And the 1/4-inch receiver works on your Camera or iPhone (within included adaptor cable & hot shoe mount) as well as standard audio devices equipped with 1/4-inch MIC jack.